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The use of specialist construction membranes is paramount when designing modern building structures. Boasting 25 years+ working within the construction industry, Novia Limited began as market leaders of BS 1521 Building Papers, but we have developed our technical expertise and expanded our product portfolio to include:

• Air & Vapour Control Layers
• Breather Membranes
• Fire Rated products
• Reflective Membranes
• Gas Barriers
• All System Tapes & Sealants
• BS 1521 Building Papers
• Temporary Protection

We are a trusted supplier across the construction industry, and work alongside architects, distributors, and contractors in a range of market areas, including Timber Frame construction. Our technical team is available to assist on projects, both large and small, and we provide Novia product and installation guidance to specifiers, buyers, and installers. Novia’s core approach is to ensure all main ranges are fully stocked, competitively priced, and that we offer quality products which meet all current and relevant standards for the UK market.


Accreditations & Affiliations

  • Product Performance Test (Consultant/University/Te
  • ISO: 9001
  • CE Mark Product


Novia Limited
Unit 3, Trilogy
Eurolink V Industrial Park
ME10 3NH
Tel: 01795 515110

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